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All items from this query have been tackled. For the documentation side:
that's for #162.

Additionally, all remaining references to which
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Fixes: #148.
Fixes: #162.
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Lix is an implementation of Nix, a powerful package management system for Linux and other Unix systems that makes package management reliable and reproducible.

Read more about us at


On Linux and macOS the easiest way to install Lix is to run the following shell command (as a user other than root):

$ curl -sSf -L | sh -s -- install

For systems that already have a Nix implementation installed, such as NixOS systems, read our install page

Building And Developing

See our Hacking guide in our manual for instruction on how to to set up a development environment and build Lix from source.

Additional Resources


Lix is released under the LGPL v2.1.