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During the Lix private beta period during which Forgejo is private, this requires configuring netrc in Lix for the tarball download to work.

Your netrc should look something like so:

machine git.lix.systems login YOUR-USERNAME password SOME-PERSONAL-ACCESS-TOKEN-REPO-READ

We are terribly sorry for the UX for this being very bad (issue).

To use, add the following to your flake.nix:

inputs.flake-compat.url = "https://git.lix.systems/api/v1/repos/lix-project/flake-compat/archive/main.tar.gz";

Afterwards, create a default.nix file containing the following:

    let lock = builtins.fromJSON (builtins.readFile ./flake.lock); in
    fetchTarball {
      url = lock.nodes.flake-compat.locked.url;
      sha256 = lock.nodes.flake-compat.locked.narHash;
  { src = ./.; }

If you would like a shell.nix file, create one containing the above, replacing defaultNix with shellNix.