jade eb5de71adc justfile: accept extra options to just setup and pass them to meson
This lets you get the default options and still be able to add more.

Change-Id: Ife32c348b1498ff2ccdddf051a5bba520cfa36f0
2024-06-24 13:37:01 -07:00

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# List all available targets
just --list
# Clean build artifacts
rm -rf build
# Prepare meson for building
setup *OPTIONS:
meson setup build --prefix="$PWD/outputs/out" $mesonFlags {{ OPTIONS }}
# Build lix
build *OPTIONS:
meson compile -C build {{ OPTIONS }}
alias compile := build
# Install lix for local development
install *OPTIONS: (build OPTIONS)
meson install -C build
# Run tests
test *OPTIONS:
meson test -C build --print-errorlogs {{ OPTIONS }}