Lunaphied 97c86908a4 .envrc: remove MAKEFLAGS and use clang environment by default
MAKEFLAGS hasn't been relevant since we switched off the Make
buildsystem and using the clang environment by default gives you clangd
by default which most developers will want.

Change-Id: I9c11d0613577047e6c908f049c1ffaca5fb5ff67
2024-06-25 12:36:18 -06:00

6 lines
230 B

# shellcheck shell=bash
source_env_if_exists .envrc.local
# Use native-clangStdenvPackages to get clangd by default.
use flake ".#${LIX_SHELL_VARIANT:-native-clangStdenvPackages}" "${LIX_SHELL_EXTRA_ARGS[@]}"
export GTEST_BRIEF=1