shell.nix: conform to documentation

According to doc/manual/src/contributing/, all development
shells should also be available in classic nix using the -A argument
to nix-shell, e.g.

  nix-shell -A native-clangStdenvPackages

This was not actually the case; flake-compat generates attrsets like

  nix-shell -A devShells.x86_64-linux.native-clangStdenvPackages

instead. These are unwieldy to use, so rather than changing the docs,
this changes the shell.nix file to result in the documented behavior.

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terru - 2024-05-27 16:34:41 +02:00
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@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
(import (fetchTarball "") {
src = ./.;
shell =
(import (fetchTarball "") {
src = ./.;
shell.default // shell.devShells.${builtins.currentSystem}